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Thank you for my beautiful custom upholstered STOTT SPX Max Plus Reformer!

 I ordered the bundle with the tall box to get some additional height of the floor. The bronze upholstery turned out beautifully and all at no extra cost!

STOTT custom bronze upholstery colorstott reformer with custom upholstery colorstott merrithew reformer with custom upholstery color
[Original reformer images, taken at STOTT Merrithew manufacturing facility before shipping.]


Jennifer Southworth wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Beautiful, smooth movement, functional

The customer service I received from Pilates direct was phenomenal! I am super thrilled with my reformer. Its wood is beautiful, the movement is very smooth, and it seems very sturdy. I might look into leather straps for my hands but that’s the only criticism I have. And I'm sure they are easily replaceable. Do yourself a favor and just splurge on the Cadillac reformer. Wish I would have!


Ron Keenan wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Wood Stability Chair with Handles

Pilates Direct Reviews


Robert Atlas wrote a review about Peak Pilates Long/Short Box

Pilates Bliss

For over 4 months I have been unable to go to either my gym or a dedicated pilates studio to take my reformer classes. This began to have an adverse effect on my physically and emotionally. I debated for many weeks whether or not to invest in a reformer for home. Once I decided that I would, I tried to analyze the right vendor and equipment to get for me. After weeks of trying to figure it out, I selected a Peak Pilates reformer and tower. I was concerned about the cost but I decided to invest in my health and well being.

When the equipment arrived, it was installed (correctly) in a few hours by a technician. I opted for the White Glove service given I wanted the equipment to work perfectly.

I have now had 3 workouts just doing the basics and I LOVE my Peak Pilates reformer. Although a bit sore after the first and second workouts :-), I already am beginning to feel better.

I bought the equipment through Pilates Direct and they were very responsive to my pre and post sales communications.


John Soares wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Cadillac-Reformer

Beautiful equipment and excellent service



Susan Geersen wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer


So pleased to own this gorgeous reformer. I have used it everyday since it arrived. My back feels so much better already. I’m so grateful!


Jeniece wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Cadillac-Reformer

Cadillac Reformer

Wow! What a gorgeous piece of equipment - excellent 2 in 1! I received excellent customer service when there was a hiccup with delivery. I would definitely purchase more equipment from these guys!


Kim Lolley wrote a review about STOTT® Magic Circle Pilates Ring


Arrived earlier than expected! Just as described .. enjoying it!


Kim Lolley wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Wood Reformer


Delivery on time .. easy set up .. highest quality


Chris wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Reformer with Tower

White Glove Service is worth It

Highly recommend white glove service. Worth every penny!


Carol Samuels DC wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Replacement Springs for Stott Reformer

I recently purchased a replacement spring for my SPX home reformer. Pilates Direct walked e through every detail and got me my 25% spring in less than 2 weeks so I could continue teaching and working out at home during this period where the studios' are closed. Quality service and expertise!! I will use this company again to upgrade my home system.


Jennifer Dougherty wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Reformer with Tower

Excellent product, worth the money

I have had the Elina Pilates Reformer with Tower for about a month now and I love it! It is worth the cost as most private reformer classes are at least $100-$150 an hour so I am over half paid off already as I have done about 30 sessions on the reformer/tower. The machine itself is beautiful, excellent construction, comfortable and, of course, effective. Pilates Direct provided excellent customer service and communicated with me regularly regarding shipment/white glove service timing, etc. I subscribe to John Garey (he has an app so you can watch on your phone while you do your workout) and I also use the Pilates Anytime app/subscription. I believe Pilates Direct also has a subscription service for classes but I have not tried that (yet). It does take up a lot of room so you need a large room to place it in (you need at least a foot, but preferably more, around all sides of the machine to comfortably perform the workouts). Another reviewer mentioned the reformer is a work of art, and it really is...I love it and highly recommend purchasing this reformer/tower through Pilates Direct.


James S Nickelsporn wrote a review about White Glove Service

Great equipment excellent service

Very excellent equipment superior to other equipment I have used before easier to use and maintain. Excellent white glove service and phone contact with Pilates direct was great too.
Don’t pass up the package deal you need all that they offer.
You will be very happy and a lot healthier too just add 5000 iu of vitamin D 3 to your regimen too and Google about Joe Pilates and his Spanish flu pandemic experience on the Isle of Mann during WW I
None of Joes men got sick! All Pilates was done outside in the sun. Sure that did not hurt either
Good luck 👍 stay safe and healthy.

I recommend!


Cheryl Klauss wrote a review about White Glove Service

White Glove Service

Very accommodating and thorough. Cared about their work. Took time to explain workings to me.


Gena Pruetz wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® and fit™ Reformer Jump Board

Shipped fast

The jumpboard shipped very timely and is in good condition.


KB wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Love the MVE Reformer

Love the MVE Reformer. I have only used wood reformers in a studio, so did a ton of research about home reformer options. I chose the MVE and am so happy with the purchase. It is a very solid machine and has all the function I am used to. Wish I had made this purchase much sooner. i hope to add the tower in the not-too-distant future.


Theresa Morgan wrote a review about STOTT PILATES® V2 Max Reformer

Everything there!

We just received our reformer yesterday - I was kept informed of shipping (including delays). There was an initial mixup with me not getting emails, but once that was straightened out, everything was fine.


Cheryl Klauss wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Reformer with Tower

Elena Pilates Reformer

I absolutely love my reformer. What a great investment! Allows me to workout out with my trainer remotely, and I find myself using it on my own for more frequent workouts and stretching. If you have the room, I highly recommend getting it. Very well constructed and a work of art, in terms of design!


David Hood wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Wood Reformer

My self-quarantine savior

Solid, top quality, easy to assemble and feels as though it will last forever. My mental, physical and spiritual well-being thanks you. Better than expected and should have bought this reformer sooner.


Steve Merrell wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Wood Stability Chair with Handles

Excellent quality equipment

The Edina Pilates chair fulfilled expectations- high quality, sturdy. Shipping was slow- item came from Spain- but was well-packed and arrived without a scratch.


Eydie wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Reformer with Tower

Awesome product

We ordered this during quarantine. It has been such an amazing addition. Only downsize is you have to watch the instructions on YouTube. It does not come with instructions.


Vanessa wrote a review about STOTT PILATES® Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder

No reformer should be without a Cardio Tramp!

Great for adding cardio to your reformer workout!


Kristy Valente wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Absolutely Beautiful

I typically do not write reviews, however, after receiving the Elena reformer I was blown away. The construction of this machine is built So beautifully. It’s definitely built to last. The craftsmanship completely blew me away! Very very pleased!


Mary Mathog wrote a review about Peak Pilates Long/Short Box

Pilates Direct

If you’re going to buy any kind of Pilates equipment I highly recommend Pilates, Direct. They are awesome! Honest, knowledgeable and always there to answer questions!


Tammy Bowar wrote a review about STOTT® Magic Circle Pilates Ring

Great machine!


Peg Carlson wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Reformer arrived in perfect condition! Haven’t used it as yet, but certain it will be a strong and stable piece of equipment in my home gym!


Bridget Larocque wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Low and Behold

My reformer has arrived, Due to COVID-19 my shipping extend it out to 8 1/2 weeks. But now that my Elina reformer is here I’m happy to say it was worth waiting for. The craftsmanship is quality and I am very pleased. Until things get back to normal I’ve been using video to help me with how to use it, so it’s been slow going for now. Eventually I will have a Physio/Pilates instructor to help me pinpoint exactly how to get the most out of my workouts, and I’m sure to see the true benefits of owning my own. If you’re thinking about purchasing your own reformer I would highly recommend this one.


Li Qiao wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Very good equipment!


Renee Beam wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Great Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer


Michael Finden wrote a review about STOTT PILATES® SPX Max Reformer - Custom Options Available

Very happy with my purchase

I’ve always used Peak reformers until I purchased the STOTT PILATES® SPX Max Reformer. I’m still figuring out some of the differences but thus far this machine seems to keep me from using my shoulders instead of legs and core for several of the front support exercises. I’m to sure why that is - angle or height of the foot bar perhaps? Great piece of equipment for current Zoom reformer sessions. Customer service was excellent with Pilates Direct as they checked in with me regarding ship times and equipment compatibility before shipping.


Deborah Tarkington wrote a review about STOTT PILATES® SPX Max Reformer - Custom Options Available

Love it!

Timing in getting it was appropriate. Packaging was superb. Delivery was excellent. I’ve been using the reformer every day. The only thing I wish it had was the poles behind the shoulder rests to hold the hand straps. For the price I think that would have been an easy thing to include—foot straps also. Otherwise I’m very happy. As for the warranty, am I already signed up? It told me that I was when I went to register.


Mary Mathog wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Pilates Direct = phenomenal service!

Pilates Direct site offers phenomenal service!
Very knowledgeable in helping me pick out a reformer. Right on top of everything always answered the phone when I called. Delivery was within two weeks. I highly recommend this site, Pilates Direct.


JAYNE REICHERT wrote a review about Peak Pilates Split Pedal High/Low Combination Chair


Love the chair


GINA C wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

Love my Peak Reformer

Great piece of equipment. Easy to assemble. I did not get the white glove service and it was super simple to put together. Heavy but easy to assemble. I highly recommend it!


Vadim Lipel wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Wood Stability Chair with Handles


Love it!


Paul G LaRue wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Reformer was delivered in perfect condition.
Could have used a user manual to explain how to use it properly.


Lou E wrote a review about White Glove Service

Excellent Service!

Everything went exactly as planned and as promised. We are really enjoying our new Reformer in the comfort of our own home. Highly recommend this Service!


Jennifer Schoning wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® 3-in-1 Spine Corrector

Love it!


Marie Royer wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Cadillac-Reformer

Cadillac Reformer

Excellent piece of machinery; looks and works great; every part of this product is top-notch; my faith in craftsmanship in this world as well as customer service in business are renewed due to this product and the way Kerri, my contact at Pilates Direct, handled my purchasing of it.


Janice Gatti wrote a review about Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer - Available with Optional Tower

I love the Pilates machine

I am slowly incorporating the exercises I already know. I watched a couple of online videos that were very helpful.


Mary Guard wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Cadillac-Reformer

A+++ Elina Pilates Convertible Cadillac-Reformer

My experience with purchasing the Cadillac Reformer was par excellence.

Giulia, my Pilates Direct sales representative, was available from pre-purchase questions to finalization of purchase and shipping, by phone or email at all times to make this a flawless transaction.

The Elina shipping process was customer-oriented and professional. It was the most well packed product I have ever received, although it makes sense when you see the Elina Cadillac Reformer. The quality of the equipment is exceptional. I was so elated when we started to assemble it, knowing the hours of Pilates I will have access to in my own home, as compared to driving to a studio class. It really will pay for itself.

I have already enjoyed use of the "Cadillac" after having it less than a week,
and look forward to a stronger, healthier life.

I highly recommend purchasing from Pilates Direct. I only wish i had done this years ago!

Thank you Elina & Pilates Direct!



Jeff Royer wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Cadillac-Reformer

ELINA PILATES® Convertible Cadillac-Reformer


Scott Marr wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Physical Therapy Reformer with Tower

Great Machine

Met expectations. Well made. There were no assembly instructions in the box but assembly was easy. Also a little surprised that there was no exercise booklet included. But all in all, more than satisfied.


Marie Royer wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Standard Cadillac-Reformer

Elina Cadillac-Reformer

I am very pleased with the quality of the Elina, and I appreciated the hand-holding, professionalism and efficiency throughout the processes of delivery and set-up.

The reformer/cadillac itself is beautifully crafted. Every piece, large and small, is lovely, and they fit together brilliantly.

The White Glove Service technician was good at his job, pleasant and thorough. He had never seen a reformer before, so it may have taken him longer than the people you normally use.

Thank you again,
Marie Royer


Michael Beckendorf wrote a review about STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ & The Cross-Bow™ Combo


Good service.


James Tarkington wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Very Pleased

I ordered the Elina Elite on Oct 22 and received it on Nov 12. FedEx had some trouble figuring out who the importer was. I was told this does not normally happen. Also one should know your CC will be charged when you order and not when shipped. The specs are a little deceiving. The unit is listed as 100 inches long. The frame itself is 90” long and 27” wide and not 30”. Obviously the measurements listed are with the foot bar down to the vertical pulley supports. The frame is not 16” high but 14”. Those are cons. The pros are that the packing was superb and the quality of construction absolutely outstanding. Assembly was very easy. This is a high-end unit for a great price. The box and jump board are the outstanding quality as well. I would definitely buy this unit again even with the dimension and shipping issues.


Jackie wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer


I am very happy with my Elina Elite. It is the PERFECT wood reformer with all the functions and adjustment options one could want for. Shipping took about two weeks, which is to be expected for a product from Europe. It comes perfectly packed in a huge box together with the Pilates box and jump board and is pretty much fully assembled. A great buy at a great price.


Georgia L. Nelson wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® ELITE Wood Reformer

Amazing Elina Elite Machine!

Excellent service, amazing equipment


Yeein Lee wrote a review about ELINA PILATES® Elite Wood Ladder Barrel

Happy with my purchase

I purchased my ladder barrel and the whole purchase experience was great. The customer service office was indeed helpful. I ended up assembling my ladder myself, and it was not difficult at all. well-made ladder barrel!


Cleo Summer wrote a review about your shop

Thank you for my custom upholstered STOTT SPX Max Plus Reformer!

I ordered the bundle with the Tall Box to get some additional height of the floor. The bronze upholstery turned out beautifully and all at no extra cost!


Deanna wrote a review about your shop

I'm in my mid 60's and I'm very happy with my new versatile Elina Cadillac-Reformer. I'm working with a trainer at home to maintain and improve my flexibility, strength, and range of motion.


I cannot say enough about how much I now prefer STOTT PILATES machines

After teaching for many years at a studio outfitted with professional Balanced Body reformers, I went out on my own, and after discovering the STOTT PILATES Professional Reformers, I decided to buy one for my business. I cannot say enough about how much I now prefer STOTT PILATES' machines. They are beautiful to look at (for a piece of exercise equipment), and in particular, the precision gear bar enables endless options for resistance training and rehab work. The design enables me to make subtle tension adjustments quickly and easily, and as a result, clients begin to understand and appreciate the work even more. The Cardio-Tramp Rebounder is equally fabulous. I used to teach mat classes incorporating mini-trampolines with Pilates based mat-work, and clients loved it because it was fun and just so damn hard to do. So I was thrilled to order the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder for my SPX Reformer, and am having a blast with it.



I love it!

The SPX Max Reformer is small enough to move around fairly easily and isn't too bulky a piece of equipment. I'm rather petite so it suits my needs just fine and I can practice just about all the reformer repertoire on it. For a larger woman or a man it might feel a tad small or tight (mostly narrow), but honestly for the most part it feels just like a regular reformer only closer to the ground...I should also add that I really like how some exercises actually feel more safely performed on the SPX Max - no fear of falling off or losing your balance when doing certain exercises - specifically ones that require balance or where there is less base of support. Easy to step on and off of when doing standing exercises as well.



My Reformer Journey

I decided to buy my own reformer after more than 10 years of learning and practicing Pilates, and I am so happy with the V2 Max Plus Reformer with Vertical Frame! The equipment is sturdy, quiet and well made. I started doing Pilates more than 10 years ago when my orthopedic doctor suggested I try this regime to rehabilitate my spine, I had a slipped disc. I worked with a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor during my rehabilitation. When looking to sign up for an instructor course, he pointed me towards STOTT PILATES. In 2015 I became certified. It has been a long journey but now that I have this Reformer, I look forward to getting stronger and helping others do so as well.



The Most Durable Pilates Equipment

Many years ago the Pilates center I was managing in Mexico decided to purchase Merrithew™ equipment and STOTT PILATES® training. After working with this equipment and seeing how durable it was, I knew that going forward, this is the only brand I would buy. Purchasing Merrithew™ equipment is worth the investment. I should know, 10 years ago, I purchased my own SPX Max Plus™ Reformer and to this day it is working as good as new. The Vertical Frame offers an amazing mix of exercises that I enjoy every day. With a little practiced care and cleaning, this equipment will last a life time. Thank you Merrithew™ for your commitment to quality!



Got my new ELINA reformer and I'm very  pleased

I work out on it every evening before going to bed. It is so relaxing, so challenging and so effective! I'm 54 and suffer with back issues and arthritis. My regular workouts are helping relieve the arthritis pain (that's the reason I do it before bedtime) and strengthening my core muscles to help with back issues. I see this as an investment because it is an exercise routine made to age with. The quality of the AeroPilates equipment is amazing. The carriage is very smooth, the frame is super sturdy and it's very versatile allowing a large number of exercises you can perform. I am planning on buying the box and pole that go with it to work more on my lower back. Buy it! You will love having your own reformer at home.


I bought the reformer to keep me moving at home

Doesn't take up a lot of room and is convenient to use.


I'm in my mid 60's and I'm very happy with my new versatile convertible Elina Cadillac-Reformer

I'm working with a trainer at home to maintain and improve my flexibility, strength, and range of motion. 


Thanks, the STOTT reformer is awesome!

Truly amazing and very effective. I simply love working out at home. It has motivated me to work out every day.