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Pilates Reformer Comparison Guide

Whether you are a Pilates enthusiast or a Pilates professional, CASA Pilates Equipment caters to the needs of the most discerning practitioners. 

In our Pilates Reformer Comparison Guide, you'll find the features, measurements, and prices for the most reputable Pilates brands on the market today: BASI Systems, Merrithew (formerly STOTT), Peak Pilates, Elina Pilates, and Private Pilates reformers and cadillacs.

With equipment that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and functional, these are the perfect choices for high-end Pilates studios, home gyms, and professional fitness centers. View all equipment on one page for easy reference and comparisons to find the equipment that is right for your individual space and practice. 

Pilates Reformer Reviews


Peak Pilates Reformer Comparison Chart

Whether you choose a model with classic handcrafted woods, or an innovative metal design, Peak Pilates crafts all their equipment with beauty, function, and tradition in mind. They use traditional wood, sustainable bamboo, and modern metals to preserve the integrity of authentic Pilates exercises with unparalleled product performance, versatility, and safety. 

Their Artistry collection features classical pieces of equipment, handcrafted in Colorado with solid frames in oak or beechwood, using fewer components and exposed screws to create an inviting and sleek design. 

The beautiful wood-frame reformers, Cadillacs, and Reformer-Cadillac Combos in this collection provide the most diverse Pilates experience and support fitness for all ages or fitness levels, with an extensive range of exercise and adjustable components.

The Peak MVe collection offers a perfect solution for small group equipment classes, with a strict focus on keeping dimensions and functionality accurate.

For the home gym, the new and affordable Casa Model is a lightweight and affordable machine-engineered for high quality performance, and backed with the quality, dedication and innovation found only with Peak Pilates.

Merrithew Pilates Reformer Comparison Chart

For over 30 years, Merrithew Pilates Equipment (formerly known by the name STOTT) has been found in Pilates studios, fitness centers, and high-end home gyms around the world and many instructors have been trained in the STOTT Pilates Method.

Their versatile pieces of equipment are built to withstand years of use, and to accommodate diverse client needs. The SPX Max Reformer and the V2 Max Reformer feature a patented Retractable Rope System and self-locking cleats that allow for quick and precise rope adjustments, along with custom crafted Merrithew high precision springs that are made with the highest quality materials.

A high-precision gear bar is available on select packages, and can be added as an upgrade at the time of purchase, for 6 gear bar positions that offer superior ergonomics and precision. 

The At Home SPX model gives you a boutique studio experience in your own home, delivered 90% assembled and built with the same high quality as professional Reformers. A patented carriage rolling system delivers a consistently smooth and silent ride, and a traditional rope system works ideally for a single-user when regular adjustments aren’t needed.

BASI Systems Reformer Comparison Chart

BASI Pilates was created in 1989 by Rael Isacowitz as one of the leading Pilates education institutes in the world. Integral to their ethos, BASI Systems is one of the leading Pilates equipment brands on the market, which embraces sports science and contemporary design to continually innovate and upgrade its products.

BASI Systems is featuring Isacowitz’s iconic F2 System, which upgrades the versatility of all equipment, from their Pilates reformers to stability chairs, ladder barrels, spine correctors, and combination Pilates machines.

BASI’s collection has been designed for professional use in a studio environment. Reformers and combo units include features like an innovative enhanced pulley system, the longest and widest carriage in the industry, aircraft-quality aluminum tracks, and three extension leg height options.

BASI Systems is a premium choice for Pilates equipment, which is reflected in higher prices and more adjustability options. Having been designed with experienced Pilates enthusiasts in mind, their equipment, particularly their best Pilates reformer options remains a bigger investment than other alternatives. But you arguably receive significantly technologically advanced and long-lasting Pilates equipment.


BASI Systems Pilates Reformer BASI Systems Reformer with Tower BASI Systems Cadillac / Trapeze Table BASI Systems  Combo
Model Reformer  Reformer with Tower Cadillac / Trapeze Table Cadillac Reformer Combo
Frame Material Wood Wood Wood Wood
Length 100" 100" 100" 100"
Width 28.4" 28.4" 28.4" 28.4"
Tower Height 34.3" from 70.9" from 71.7" from 71.7"
Weight 197.3 lbs 224.8 lbs 332.1 lbs 317.4 lbs
Number of Springs 5 9 12 17
CASA Pilates Price


Elina Pilates is a Pilates equipment brand established in the mid-2000s in Spain that quickly became highly popular throughout Europe, the UK, and now here in the U.S.

The Elina Pilates collection features a diversity of products, from professional Pilates studio equipment to Pilates reformers for home use. The equipment has been developed in collaboration with experienced Pilates practitioners and trainers.

The brand is renowned for the quality of its materials and designs and the exceptional value provided by offering their reformers bundled with the sittingbox and jumpboard to include everything needed for your at-home or studio Pilates practice.

Elina Pilates is especially popular for their convertible wood-frame Cadillac-Reformers. These models feature the brand’s trademark Canadian maple wood, anodized aluminum, and antibacterial vinyl upholstery.

Elina Pilates equipment is priced in the mid range of high-quality Pilates equipment for sale in the U.S. and suits both home and studio environments, hereby making them the perfect brand for buyers who want premium quality without a large investment.


Elina Pilates Aluminium Reformer Bundle  
Elina Pilates Standard  Reformer Bundle
Elina Pilates Physio  Reformer Bundle
Elina Pilates Elite Reformer Bundle
Elina Pilates Aluminium Reformer with Tower Bundle
Elina Pilates Standard  Reformer with Tower Bundle
Elina Pilates Physio  Reformer with Tower Bundle
Elina Pilates Elite Reformer with Tower Bundle
Elina Pilates Cadillac
Elina Pilates Standard Cadillac - Reformer  Bundle
Elina Pilates Elite Cadillac Reformer Combo Bundle
Model Aluminium Reformer Standard Reformer Standard Physio Height Reformer Elite Reformer Aluminium with Tower Standard  Reformer with Tower Standard Physio Height  Reformer with Tower Elite Reformer with Tower Cadillac Trapeze Table Cadillac /  Reformer Combo Elite Cadillac /  Reformer Combo
Frame Material Aluminum Wood Wood Wood Aluminum
Length 90.5" 90.5" 92" 100" 90.5" 92" 92" 100" 92" 86" 103"
Width 23" 23" 27" 29" 23" 23" 23" 29" 27" 24.5" 29"
Height HL1 - 8.7" HL2 - 10.6" HL3 - 16.5" HL4 - 24.4" 13" 19" 16" HL1 - 8.7" HL2 - 10.6" HL3 - 16.5" HL4 - 24.4" 13" 19" 16" 24" 24" 86"
Tower Height HL1 - 72.8" HL2 - 74.8" HL3 - 80.7" HL4 - 88.6" 79.5" 83.5" 79.5" 94" 86" 86"
Weight HL1 - 132 lbs HL2 - 137 lbs HL3 - 143 lbs HL4 - 149 lbs 154 lbs 187 lbs HL1 - 132 lbs HL2 - 137 lbs HL3 - 143 lbs HL4 - 149 lbs 220 lbs 187 lbs 243 lbs 419 lbs
Number of Springs 5 5 5 6 8 5 5 6 10 15 6
CASA Pilates Price
from $3,490
from $3,990


Private Pilates is a Pilates equipment brand that produces mostly high-quality wood-frame reformers and Cadillacs at their production facility in Istanbul, Turkey.  The brand had been founded by Erhan Gurbaca, who had over 25 years of experience as both a Pilates instructor and studio manager before entering the world of Pilates apparatus production and consulting.

The handmade Pilates equipment is produced 100% in Turkey from the highest domestic raw materials, such as AISI 304-quality stainless steel that is combined with a seamless beech wood frame to provide both an aesthetic appearance and life-long durability. Pilates studios, homes, and sports centers worldwide use Private Pilates equipment of first-class quality and original patented designs. 

Private Pilates prides themselves on designing equipment that takes both quality, usage, and cost into account. This makes for effective, yet affordable equipment that is perfect for enthusiasts looking to start their Pilates journey.


Private Pilates Premium Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer Bundle Private Pilates Premium  Reformer with Tower Bundle Private Pilates Premium Cadillac / Trapeze Table Private Pilates Premium Wood Combo Cadillac Reformer
Model Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer Reformer Reformer with Tower Cadillac / Trapeze Table Combo Cadillac /  Reformer
Frame Material Metal Wood Wood Wood Wood
Length 93.7" 93.3" 93.3" 89" 93.3"
Width 27.5" 27.5" 27.5" 27.5" 31.5"
Height 9.8" 13.4" 70.9" 84.6" Short - 76.8" Long - 84.6"
Weight 121 lbs 159 lbs 204 lbs 216 lbs 269 lbs
Number of Springs 5 5 5 12 15
CASA Pilates Price


Founded in the United States in 2003 by Elyse McNergey, an entrepreneur and exercise physiologist, IM=X Pilates is an equipment manufacturer with an industrial edge in its aesthetics and manufacturing methods. IM=X equipment has been used in fitness studios, gyms, and sports centers across the country for twenty years, making them an experienced, established, and highly trusted brand.

With IM=X scientific approach to fitness, their equipment promising a futuristic reinvention of Pilates, perfect for the needs of athletes and entry-level practitioners. They focused on moving away from the traditional wood-frame  reformer, to a modern, extremely sturdy Pilates reformer machine, similar to the Lagree Fitness Megaformer.

The Xercizer's design is extremely functional with the higher price reflecting more exercise choices and intensity possible on their Pilates machine. An IM=X reformer, like the IM=X® Xercizer Pilates Reformer allows users to engage in both aerobic and plyometric exercise due to its innovative included jump board, making it the perfect option for those who need to engage in frequent high-intensity cardio and strength work.


IM=X Xercizer Heavy-Duty Pilates Reformer Machine with Jumpboard
Model Xercizer
Price $4,390
Length 102"
Width 27"
Height 13 3/4"
Weight 325 lbs


Thank you for taking the time to read our Pilates Reformer Comparison Guide! We hope we were able to guide you in your search for the perfect Pilates reformer for your individual needs. Please keep in mind that many Pilates reformers are available with additional customization options. 

If you're looking for a Pilates reformer for sale and still deciding which one to buy, check our 2021 Pilates Reformer Buying Guide. It covers everything you need to know on choosing the best Pilates reformer for your needs.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, our Pilates Equipment Experts will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions to help you choose the right Pilates reformer & equipment for your home or studio., 

For information on the best Pilates equipment for your needs and budget, please contact the CASA Pilates Equipment sales team or visit our showroom!



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Customer Reviews

186 reviews
Peak Pilates® casa™ Reformer
Katia T. (Chula Vista, US)

The reformer is excellent! Love the model which is really good price and it works perfect, just like a studio reformer

Good Machine

I am quite pleased with the Private Pilates Reformer/Caddy combo. It's well built, was easy to assemble, and had a must faster shipping time than other brands right now. It's working great and easy to convert. I dislike the particular caribiner clips it comes with (super clunky and hard to open and close quickly), and needed to add clips to the pulley cords for quick changes between foot loops and handles, so that was a bummer, but it was easy to buy replacements at a local hardware store for around $20. No other issues!

Peak Pilates® casa™ Reformer
Denise M. (Farmington, US)
Great machine, great experience

Bought the Casa after several years of another home machine. No comparison! It's well built, quiet, and easily adaptable to my needs. It was shipped sooner than expected and customer service was quick to respond to my inquiries. Highly recommend.

Peak Pilates® fit™ Reformer
Lisa W. (Kaneohe, US)
I finally got a reformer!!

I just love my new reformer and reformer!!! I've been waiting years for this and I'm so grateful for CASA helping me with it!!

Best Home Gym Addition

I love this reformer! When 2020 hit, the only gyms that stayed open in my area were pilates studios. I had always wanted to try reformer workouts, so I jumped at the chance to fit it into my schedule. Once I was sold on the activity, I began to research machines. I am so happy with my choice! This is a fantastic reformer with great springs, solid construction, and smooth glide. The only heads-up I would give is that if you are used to studio machines, this one does lie lower to the ground. However, after getting adjusted to that one difference, I have been having SO MUCH fun with it!