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Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
In love

Love this reformer. Just like a studio reformer. I’m 52 and was able to assemble it by myself. Reformer is super quiet, high quality.

Will review after my issues are resolved

I am unable to give a review since the product had a serious issue upon arrival.
Once the company resolves this, I will be glad to write a fair, honest review.

Folding Pilates home reformer

I have been wanting a home reformer for a long time, and am thrilled to be the owner of the F3 Align folding reformer. The machine folds in half and is easy to store in the corner of my bedroom -- there is no place I would have been able to fit a full size reformer in my home. This machine is an amazing home option but it it not as comfortable, as sturdy, as versatile as the studio quality machines I use with my trainer. I have likened it to driving a really lovely car like a Honda or a Toyota, but lying down on the Balanced Body Allegro at my trainer's is like stepping into a Porche. The F3 machine is lower to the ground than I am used to. The foot bar is not fixed but lies in brackets and cannot be pulled on. The platform is a bit rough on the feet. But it's all entirely serviceable and a delight to own. It takes me about 5 minutes to set the machine up for use and somewhat less to put it away after use. It took some practice to find a way to fold the machine that felt safe for my back, it takes some real strength to get it fully vertical at the end of the process (I'm quite small!). That said, I am thrilled to own this machine and am very pleased that Align created a folding machine for home use.

Great Jump board

I got this jump board at same time as my F3 folding reformer. I love it! I received items in about 4 weeks. Great careful shipping and great customer service. I would definitely order from CASA pilates again!

Align-Pilates® Pro Sitting Box
Shelley C. (Boston, US)
Great box

I love this box! Sturdy and just what I needed!

Great Folding reformer

This is great for smaller spaces when you need to fold up for storage. This reformer glides nicely. I love it!

Elite Reformer with Tower - Well Built Reformer

Really impressed with the quality of the Elite Reformer. Would put it on par with the BB Studio which I've also used. It comes mostly assembled so setup/installation was straight forward (it is heavy), plus there's a nice youtube video that helped with assembly. Carriage is "studio-level" smooth. Springs are heavy-duty so should hold their tension for a long time. It comes studio height (14" frame height) so no added legs needed. Based on my research I felt this was the best value for a studio quality reformer for home use.

Hits the Target

The reformer is great. It is made of high quality materials, it looks great, feels sturdy, thoughtfully designed and works like a charm!

Really glad I got this.

Great Pilates equipment

The Elina studio package has exceeded my expectations. Far superior to the equipment at my local Pilates studio for half the price. I almost spent over $20k on a set of what I’m used to using. My Elina set blows it away. Well done Casa Pilates!

Tower Reformer

Very nice reformer and relatively easy to assemble. However, reformer arrived with two springs rusted. Still waiting to hear if they are sending us new ones.

Great reformer

After waiting over 4 months, the reformer arrived. It is beautiful, great quality and I am excited to finally have it and use it. The process of shipping and delivery was not stellar and I had doubts as to the legitimacy of the company, but I can now say that if you can patient and trusting, it will be pay off with a wonderful product. Thankfully I hade help to open the crate and move the reformer to the desired location. This did not include white glove service but for such a quality product, it really should.

ELINA PILATES® At-Home Wood Reformer Bundle
Wendy M. (Battle Ground, US)
Love my reformer!

After moving 35 minutes away from my nearest Pilates studio, I decided to buy my own, Shipping took a LONG time-like 5 months, and then it took another week and a half for the delivery company to deliver the reformer to our doorstep. It was hard to be patient, but it was worth the wait! I love my reformer and the quality is amazing. There were no assembly instructions, but since I was familiar with reformers, it was easy to figure out.

Peak Pilates® casa™ Reformer
Anonymous (Athens, US)

The service was excellent from both sales and transport - and the reformer is as smooth and sturdy as those at our local studio.

It is a little taller then expected but good!

BASI Systems Pilates Mat
Brenda R. (Allentown, US)
The Perfect Thickness and Density for Comfortable Pilates Mat Practice

The red rings are a funky design element and also practical for hanging when not in use. I especially appreciate that BASI equipment doesn't emit a toxic chemical off gas. I highly recommend BASI Pilates equipment for superior quality, esthetics and ethics. : )

Excellent Purchase

After doing thorough research, I chose to purchase a reformer from Casa pilates. I had an excellent experience with the purchase and delivery of my equipment. I was even able to call and get support on understanding some features of my reformer by calling and talking to Corey, ho was very helpful in explaining the different features of my reformer.

BASI Systems Pilates Mat
Marc C. (Miami, US)
Great matt

Quality equipment

Great Equipment

High quality equipment

BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer
David D. (Park City, US)
The Quality is Astounding.

When we ordered this, I was told that it was backordered and a "container" was on a ship headed to port. I assumed that this reformer was made in China, and would be just OK. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and said Made In Turkey. The shipping packaging was outstanding, and the reformer itself is made exceptionally well. The craftsmanship and woodwork is far above average. I thought I'd be on the floor with nuts, bolts, and wrenches putting the thing together, but much to my further surprise, the unit was fully assembled except for a few minor things such as the feet and pulleys. The reformer is excellent. I have no complaints.

Great equipment

Fairly easy process of purchase and delivery

Great quality equipment

Well made, high quality. The carriage is smooth and the straps are strong. Not crazy about the foot strap - it’s a little cheap. Assembly was fairly easy. Only issue was with delivery - non responsive
company and didn’t show up for the original
appt set for a 4 hour window. UGH!

Align-Pilates® C8-PRO Pilates Reformer
Char C. (Los Angeles, US)
I love my C8-Pro Reformer!

A+ every step of the way! Great customer service and seamless white glove delivery and set up. The reformer is streamlined and I love being able to do my Pilates whenever I want!

Pilates Home

Just for anyone looking for their machine to call home, I have these details. The Align F3 is a really lovely machine. Very quiet and smooth motion; you’d truly not know there’s a fold. Which brings me to its advantage for small homes, being able to move it in or around your house as needed. It has a solid standing position when folded and would fit in a closet under a standard clothing rod.

I am only 5’2” with shorter legs and average waist length. The foot bar has 4 positions. The highest of those brings my hips to the proper 90 angle even in heels position. This is good since the gear bar doesn’t adjust. Still though, I don’t bottom out unexpectedly. Even then, when jumping an instructor will cue you to reach for the landing so you don’t bottom out. Then, this could happen on any machine sometimes if you don’t exercise control. So I feel like this foldable home model performs as it should even for someone with a small frame.

This model doesn’t take a platform extender. But there’s a c shape to the end of the carriage where a foot can go while one is on the standing platform. In that standing position with one foot on the platform and one on the main carriage body, my feet are still only hip width apart, so those side motions have good range. I could also fold a towel on the platform for my forearms while my hands rest on the lowered foot bar for an additional plank position. This would get me 90 degree angle start positions at shoulder and hip.

I was able to really engage my arms and shoulders using a single red or blue today while in sort of a kneeling warrior position. It was awesome! There is no zero stretch area with these springs when nearing back to start with exercise.

The jump board is incredibly comfortable and stable. Because of the way it’s padded I didn’t even miss that it wasn’t a tramp. The jumping workout was just like butter and the floating sensation on a single spring, totally achievable.

I did a snake on it today and felt safe. My snake sure isn’t perfect but that was human error, not the machine.

I am really happy with the decision to make this my Reformer home.

Jennifer P. (Thompson's Station, US)
Smooth Ride and Heavy Springs

I am actually very pleased with this reformer. I was nervous buying a brand that doesn't have a lot of visibility within the US. Pros - springs and the smoothness of the ride. Cons - the carriage bed is very hard. This equipment is very "industrial" looking. The instructions could be better and clearer. Overall, I am happy with the reformer.

Peak Pilates® casa™ Reformer
Erica O. (Honolulu, US)
Great product and fast shipping

The reformer is fantastic and I’m so happy I bought it from Casa. I live on an island and shipping large items here is always a challenge but they worked with me and made the experience relatively easy and even discounted the cost. Highly recommend.