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What is the difference between the STOTT SPX At-Home Reformer and the SPX Max?

At-Home ReformerPilates Home Reformer

Fairly often are we receiving questions here at CASA Pilates Direct about the difference between the STOTT At-Home SPX Reformer and the STOTT SPX Max.

Both machines are modern aluminum Pilates reformers that are designed to be low to the ground and lightweight so that the equipment can be moved easily. The main differences between these two models from STOTT by Merrithew are the spring options, the rope system, the option to upgrade with a vertical frame, and the warranty.

Here are the main differences:

At Home SPX Reformer

  • A great value for the bundle with Reformer Box with Footstrap, Padded Platform Extender, Metal Roll-up Pole and instructional DVDs featuring over 250 exercises
  • No choice of springs package- standard package of 4 x 100% springs and 1 x 50% spring.
  • Traditional rope system- the ropes are tied and tightened with a star knob. It is more difficult to get the ropes to the same length.
  • No option to add a vertical frame.
  • SHould blocks are not removable.
  • Carriage height is 10 inches.
  • Elevated option of 16 inches available.
  • This reformer can only be used in a residential environment and not in a commercial facility or the warranty becomes null and void.
  • Manufactured in China.
  • Immediate shipping available.

STOTT SPX Max Reformer

  • High precision springs package ( 3 x 100% springs, 1 x 50% spring, 1 x 25% spring)The high precision package allows for more flexibility in the resistance and strength of the exercise and user.
  • Retractable rope system - ropes can be adjusted easily with recoiling rope reels –no knots or ropes to untie.
  • Removable shoulder blocks.
  • Vertical frame option.
  • Carriage height is 9 inches.
  • Raised option available.
  • Tall box option available.
  • Vertical stand option available.
  • This reformer can be used in a residential or commercial setting.
  • Made-to-order with production times of 2-3 weeks.
  • Manufactured in Canada.
  • Extended warranty.

Are you still having questions? Please feel free to contact CASA Pilates Equipment at or call us at 800-319-6119.

★ Reviews

Customer Reviews

206 reviews
Beautiful piece of equipment

The elite reformer with tower bundle is a well built and a beautiful addition to our gym. It is easy to use; however, an instruction manual on putting it together would have been a nice addition.

Peak Pilates Deluxe Wall System
June F. (Culpeper, US)
My tower system

I love my system. It only arrived with one safety cable. I would like to purchase more connectors for the cables and a set of handles for using arm springs.
Can you guide me to right site to order these items?
Thank you.

Smooth and Sleek

The reformer is beautiful and easy to use. Putting together was a little time consuming and challenging. I love the quality of the reformer and the accessories included. Delivery could have been better. They left it outside the door in a wooden crate. It took me help to carry in the pieces.

Peak Pilates® casa™ Reformer
Marcia (Simi Valley, US)
Very satisfied!

So wonderful to have this reformer at my home where I can use it at my own convenience. It works great and is very sturdy.

Great machine

Super solid build. Great versatility in having Cadillac and reformer with tower, and of course, the foldability which is very nice for apartment living. Also, not too low off ground— better than other foldable reformers I have tried before. Very happy with this excellent piece of equipment,