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What are the Benefits of Align-Pilates Reformers and Equipment?

Align Pilates Reformer Benefits

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Align-Pilates® was founded in 2010 and quickly became one of the leading European brands for Pilates equipment. While initially focusing on Mat Pilates based products, they since expanded their product line to include a full range of studio-quality reformers.  This brand maintains a careful balance of affordability and quality and is becoming a valuable option for those looking to create a home Pilates studio or outfit a professional Pilates studio. Align-Pilates' vision to bring their superior quality equipment to the global market is a testimony of their commitment to the Pilates community. 

How Align-Pilates' Life-Changing Mission Benefits You 

1. Superior Pilates Experience

Align-Pilates is on a mission to provide a complete Pilates workout experience with each piece of equipment that they design. Ensuring that you get all the benefits from your workout for a healthier body, mind, and soul.

This is the reason why they consistently strive to innovate their equipment and accessories.However, with Align Pilates, innovation doesn’t mean phasing out their old equipment… This brings us to Align Pilates’ second mission.

 2. Inclusive Approach

Align-Pilates is an expert in creating the world’s most flexible and adaptable Pilates reformer designs.Their inclusive approach makes their innovation worthwhile even to users who have older models of Align-Pilates equipment, because they make sure that new  innovations are still compatible with their older models. Upgrading your existing Align-Pilates equipment with modern accessories without hassle can save you tons of money!

This approach is a statement of the company's commitment to sustainability and dedication to their third mission: providing superior quality at an affordable price. 

 3. Superior Quality + Affordability

Align-Pilates has proven over and over again that they will break the barrier between quality and price.The company's mission includes changing the status quo around the globe, where Pilates is perceived as a workout of the rich and that owning Pilates equipment is a privilege that only a few can claim.Inclusivity is not just applied to Align-Pilates’ equipment, they want to reach as many audiences as they possibly can by providing high-quality equipment at a price that is competitive for everyone.Align-Pilates’ mission and vision are overarching. They are worthy of their prominence!

This approach matches our view at CASA Pilates that Pilates is more than just a workout, it is a community that embraces inclusivity.

Benefits of Owning a Align-Pilates Reformer

Do you appreciate uninterrupted movement during an intense workout?
You’ve experienced the frustration of needing to stop dead in the middle of your intense Pilates workout just to adjust the spring bars. And to add fuel to your frustration, you lose your momentum because it takes several steps for you to finally get the resistance you want.

Align-Pilate has recognized this unnecessary inconvenience. So they innovated a new patented design called Rapid Change (RC) spring bar where you can adjust the resistance with a single precise action. Don’t lose your momentum, fuel it with a Align-Pilates reformer!

Is concentration a crucial part of your Pilates workout?

Mindfulness of your flow is important, this helps you get the most out of your Pilates workout. But sometimes, concentrating on your workout is hard especially if there are so many distractions around you… Like the noise that your Pilates equipment makes.

With Align-Pilates’ 8 PU wheel carriage system, you get to enjoy the quietest, calmest Pilates workout you’ve ever experienced. You deserve a Pilates workout that is purely focused on your body movement, mental concentration, and keeping the flow of energy in your body alive.

How important is a good investment for you?

Every time Align-Pilates designs new equipment, they make sure that their innovations are forward-looking yet versatile enough to accommodate old models. Making them one of the most conscientious companies in the industry. Customer-centric solutions are their top priority.

Do you want a home reformer with a studio feel?

Align-Pilates recognized that there should be a distinction between studio reformers and home reformers without compromising quality, especially with home reformers.

They designed their home reformers to be space-saving, easy to store, and user-friendly yet with studio quality. Giving you the benefits of a studio Align-Pilates reformer within the comfort of your home.

Build your studio with a trusted best brand

Align-Pilates is the ideal brand if you want to build a studio. They have the innovation and quality to provide you with the complete Pilates set you need. Plus, their products are versatile so upgrading without spending a lot of money is easy. Give your clients the latest Pilates routine they need without burning a hole in your pocket.

Benefit from a Customer-Centric Approach

Align-Pilates’ commitment to an excellent customer-centric approach coupled with inclusivity and sustainability is a testimony of how far they would go to provide you with only the best Pilates equipment at a very affordable price.
Their equipment is easy to use, versatile, and future-proof, making it one of the best brands for studios, rehab, and private use.

Check out the Align-Pilates reformer product line on the CASA Pilates Equipment website, at our showroom, or contact us for more information.

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