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The Right Pilates Accessories for Health & Safety

How do you begin your day? Is it a leisurely start or one that sees you jumping out of your bed, rushing to freshen up and head for your workout? If it is the former one, you know you need to change that soon, and if it is the latter one, then it’s the best thing you are doing for your health.Health is one of the primary concern for many of us. Exercising on a regular basis, eating right, and taking care of one’s mind, body, and soul are the top priorities of many health-conscious people.

However, there is one thing you need to take care of as you work on achieving  the physique of your dreams.

Use the right equipment and accessories while working out

Every exercise style requires a particular kind of equipment that helps in doing it with ease and perfection. For example, a yoga mat helps you practice the various poses without causing any harm to your body. The mat also saves you from slipping or falling thanks to the rubber, anti-skid material it is made of.

Similarly, the shoes that you use while jogging help you run without causing any injury to your feet. They absorb the shock that could have an effect on the entire body and allow you to enjoy your run.

In the same way, Pilates makes use of mats and reformer carriages to help practice the various exercises and helps you achieve a balance and flexibility. Certain exercises that you perform on the mat provide you with a foundation for learning to control your muscles.

Whereas, the exercises performed on the reformer can be quite intense and dynamic. These add resistance and improve your strength. So, the different equipment you utilize while exercising, help you in achieving the optimal health and strength that you aim for.

Accessories used for Pilates

Pilates requires accessories that are far different from those used for yoga. While yoga requires you to wear loose clothing, Pilates requires you to wear stretchable, tight fitting garments. Pilates, also being an intense workout regimen, requires you to keep all other accessories like belts, clips, clasps etc out of your way.

The reason behind this is they could get stuck in the reformer carriage, or even damage the surface of the carriage.

However, the one accessory that is a must in a Pilates workout is the Reformer Towel.

What is a Reformer Towel?

A Reformer Towel is made from soft microfiber fabric. Microfiber, as you may know, is used to absorb moisture because of its absorbent nature. It can dry up any surface that has moisture on it, leaving it completely dry.

This reformer towel, when spread on the reformer carrier, helps by offering you a firm grip. Its non-slip, eco-friendly, rubber backing sticks securely to the carriage of the reformer and offers superior grip during your workout. It has been designed to fit standard reformers perfectly.

How does it keep you safe?

Sweat can cause a whole lot of problems to our health because of contact with a virus. A virus that is contagious can spread infections through skin contact and complicate matters. Staying safe in an environment like a gymnasium or a pilates studio can be difficult as these are the areas that are the perfect breeding ground for germs of every kind.

Infections like viral flu, cold are common. But, some, like herpes can also be cause through infection caused by sweat. Taking care of oneself in such places becomes imperative. Using the right kind of accessories to keep yourself clean and safe will help you deal with the germs.

Pilates Reformer Towel - For Your Health

Benefits of using a Reformer Towel: A reformer towel absorbs all the sweat and keeps you clean and dry. Placed in the reformer carrier, it can keep the surface dry and help you stay away from infections. Sharing the reformer carriage cannot be avoided, but taking care of yourself and using the right accessories that you do not share with others will definitely help.

Non-Slip Pilates Reformer Towel - For Your Safety

A reformer towel also keeps the reformer carriage dry and gives you a comfortable surface to workout on. It offers a good grip while you workout and saves you from slipping. Slipping or falling off the carrier can cause injury—inwardly—that takes time to heal and puts you out of your exercise sessions.

Using the reformer towel to place it on the carrier will also keep the upholstery clean and safe from tears and punctures while working out. It is designed in such a way it fits the headrest perfectly and gives your neck and head a firm grip.

People who have been using it have become a fan of the product and seldom attend a class without getting their favorite accessory along.

Making use of the perfect accessories and equipment while working out is a big step at ensuring good health. What may be unusual and seem an unimportant aspect of healthcare, should soon be the standard for both home and studio use. lest using the wrong equipment lead to accident or injury.

Take care of your health to the best of your ability. Take into consideration every little thing about your workout regimen. Make sure it suits your body type and your stamina. And, do make sure to study with an experienced and qualified and instructor. That will ensure your progress and help you avoid getting into any mishaps while working out.


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