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The Latest Innovations in Pilates Equipment

The Latest Innovations in Pilates Equipment

Although its roots are planted in wellness and rehabilitation, Pilates has come a long way from its original development and practice since its invention by  Joseph H. Pilates. 

Pilates is known for helping people strengthen their core, improve stability, and increase flexibility. To help people achieve these goals, Joseph himself created several machines, including the Reformer, the ladder barrel, the spine corrector, and the Wunda chair, among others. 

Sounds familiar, Pilates pros? 

As strange as these machines look, they’re incredibly effective — they allow users the opportunity to expand and explore their realm of movements while providing comfort and stability. And, as you might have guessed, they’re today more popular than ever before! 

At first glance, you might not think much has changed in the way of Pilates equipment. The equipment is still highly popular and used by practitioners in studios and at home all over the world. Upon a closer look, however, you’ll find that today’s industry leaders are contributing  groundbreaking innovations to make Pilates equipment longer-lasting, more functionally ergonomic, and environmentally friendly. 

One such frontrunner is master Pilates practitioner and founder of Body Arts and Science International (BASI), Rael Isacowitz. As the company name would suggest, Isacowitz founded a method of Pilates that melts the original Pilates method with a modern scientific research-based approach. As with his contemporary practice style, Isacowitz applies his scientific methods to the BASI Systems Pilates equipment. So how does this finely crafted equipment measure up to its  competitors? What innovations have brought BASI Systems to the forefront of Pilates equipment manufacturing?

Groundbreaking Design

No one can deny the sleek nature of BASI Systems’ rounded contemporary designs. Each piece, from their Reformers to barrels, have beautiful wooden frames with rounded edges and elegant curvature, which are perfect for adding style to any studio. But of course, functionality is where these pieces truly deliver. 

On their own, BASI equipment is customizable and highly adjustable, which allows users to transition smoothly between movements without spending too much time on setup. The BASi Systems Wood Pilates Reformer, for example, is among the most user-friendly on the market — the color-coded spring system allows you to add as much carriage resistance as you’d like, without difficulty.

Perhaps the most innovative product of the BASI line is the F2 System. This upgrade allows users to add support handles and resistance springs to virtually any equipment in the BASI Systems collection. You can use multiple F2 systems simultaneously or transfer the same set of handles and springs between your Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Barrel Set. With this simple and seamless upgrade and a few tips, courtesy of Isacowitz himself, you’ll have access to entirely new movements you won’t be able to obtain with any other brand of Pilates equipment. 

Quality Materials

BASI Systems isn’t just innovating function — they’re also making strides in Pilates equipment engineering. Committed to using environmentally-friendly materials of the highest quality, each piece in their collection is handcrafted with beechwood, aerospace-grade aluminum, and antibacterial phthalate-free antibacterial vinyl. Thanks to the outstanding quality of their materials, each piece is made to last a lifetime. 

Not only are their products green, but their packaging is too! Thanks to their eco-conscious manufacturing and sustainable shipping materials, BASI systems is quickly becoming an industry pioneer in earth-friendly Pilates. 

Interested in bringing this innovative equipment to your Pilates studio? With Pilates Direct, you can! You can now order the entire BASI Systems product line, complete with the F2 system upgrade, all in one easy purchase. Bring the whole collection to your workout space and reinvigorate your repertoire. Don’t worry about setup — just ask for white glove delivery service for in-home or studio assembly.

This article was published on barbaraiweins.com on July 7, 2020

Author Bio:

Giulia Ramsey is an avid Reformer Pilates practitioner who has studied with instructors in Germany and the U.S. Her fitness mantra is the Joseph Pilates quote, “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” Giulia is CMO of PILATES DIRECT – the authorized North America distributor for STOTT Pilates, Peak Pilates, BASI Systems, and Elina Pilates equipment and reformers. Visit pilatesreformersdirect.com to learn more about these product lines. Pilates Direct is also offering an Affiliate Program, accessible at https://pilatesdirect.goaffpro.com.

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Quality Service

The gentlemen who installed my reformer where just that 'gentle'. They took extreme care with the equipment as well as the walls in my home.

Everything was functional when they left and they removed all of the packing materials from the house. Great job!

Elina Elite Reformer with Tower

It took a long time to come because of the pandemic but it was worth the wait. I love it and I'm enjoying regular workouts.

Every feature works perfectly on this high quality product.

Love ,love, love my reformer!

It took a long time to get here, but truly worth the wait. This piece of equipment is everything I hoped for and more. It is beautifully engineered and as good, if not better , than the Balanced Body I have used in the professional Pilates studio I attended prior to Covid . Regretfully it closed. But on a positive note I now can enjoy the same workout at home and on my own time. My husband is also becoming a fan. I rate it five stars- well worth the investment.

Wonderful piece of equipment

I've used a Pilates chair for three years in class and love the versatility of the device. There's a big bang for the buck for such a small piece of equipment. It's perfect for sitting in my guest room where I beckons me visibly whenever I walk down the hallway. I am impressed by the quality of manufacture of this device. I know it's studio quality and I know it will last at least as long as I do. One reason I ordered this specific brand, BTW, is because I can adjust the spring tension very easily from the front of the machine. I also want to say that I was surprised by how fast the chair arrived and the quality of its packing materials. The chair had not the slightest dent or scratch, all items were in the box and my husband was easily able to extract the chair. No set up required, another refreshing plus.

Peak Pilates reformer

So happy with this equipment