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How to Practice Pilates at Home

There are times when we just cannot go to our favorite Pilates class at the studio. Right now, we’re all doing our best to get through these tough times and not being able to go out and enjoy our favorite Pilates class at our studio does not help. Some studios have gone to virtual classes, so we can now enjoy the same great workout within the safe walls of our homes. If you are missing your Pilates workouts, and wish you had a Pilates class to look forward to tonight, here’s how to create your at-home Pilates studio. 

Having a home Pilates station is the perfect way to re-create a studio experience without the hassle of working around strict studio scheduling. With your own equipment at your disposal, you can work out at any time. Many people also love home studios because they allow a better opportunity to work at one’s own pace and try new exercises without fear of embarrassment. Are you interested in creating a home Pilates station? Here are a few great tips on how to achieve the ultimate home studio and how it will make you enjoy working out more.


The first step in creating your home Pilates studio is finding a dedicated space to store all your equipment. Spare bedrooms, basements, or dens usually do the trick. If you can’t find a room to dedicate to your Pilates practice fully, try to see if any of your currently furnished rooms can be easily modified whenever you want to work out.

Pilates is an experience meant to provide relaxation in addition to a great work out, so it’s crucial to find a space devoid of distractions. That being said, it’s probably not the best idea to set up your Pilates reformer where all your kid’s toys are. If you do, be sure to close the door when you are working out.

Your dedicated space should also have plenty of natural light. If you can’t find a room with enough natural lighting, you could alternatively work your lighting in the opposite direction and use dim lights and/or candles.


Every Pilates studio needs the right equipment. There are plenty of Pilates workouts online that don’t require anything but a mat. But after all this time using a Pilates reformer in classes, will a simple mat workout do the trick for you anymore? Probably not — a Pilates Reformer is a must. You’re probably wondering how on earth you’d be able to fit a classroom size Pilates reformer in your home. Have no fear — you can buy a high-performance, compact Pilates Reformer made explicitly for use in your home. Pilates reformer’s come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and you can buy one that’s right for you online. You can even have your Reformer delivered and assembled by a trained technician.

A great reformer is only a start. You’ll want to add a stability chair to your home studio, as well. With a stability chair, you’ll be able to utilize an entirely different set of poses and exercises that you can’t achieve with a reformer alone. Stability chairs offer practitioners the opportunity to improve their balance and strength.

Last but not least is the Ladder Barrel. Owning a Ladder Barrel is essential if you hope to increase your flexibility and keep your body limber. Stretching is an integral part of any reformer Pilates workout, as they effectively reduce muscle fatigue and help you recover faster.


Some people don’t enjoy working out at home because they aren’t able to utilize all the equipment found at their Pilates studio. Only having a mat and an exercise ball means cutting out a majority of the exercises in your set. Equipping your workout area with the best home equipment means that you can do virtually any Pilates exercise you want to, without needing to make alterations or substitutions.

Working out at home also saves you money. Pilates memberships can be expensive. Though many studios offer monthly payment options, the fees can really add up. Eventually, taking out your checkbook every time you want to take a class gets old. Setting up a home gym does require a larger initial investment, but you’ll save tons of cash in the long run by cutting out the continued cost of studio membership.

Above all, having your own Pilates studio is incredibly convenient. As mentioned previously, you’ll never have to worry about packing a bag and trying to make it on time for class again. There’s also the added benefit of being able to use your own shower right after your workout. Finally, you won’t have to worry about sharing equipment! Fitness studios are notorious for being germ-ridden since tons of people forget to wipe down their equipment. Your home equipment is for you, and you alone.


Now that you have all the essentials, you can start practicing Pilates at home. Getting the right equipment should be more than enough to help you complete a satisfying exercise, but you can always add variety by bringing home a few extra tools like toning balls, or a Pilates Ring. Happy training!


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