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All You Need to Know About Peak Pilates Reformers

Though the practice of Pilates does not require a reformer, the exercise equipment created by founder Joseph Pilates, in order to really delve into this workout, it’s great to have one. A reformer like those offered by Peak Pilates allows practitioners to do more exercises, create variations in resistance and intensity, and see more benefits from each workout. Here, we review the Peak Pilates reformer line-up.

Peak Pilates Reformers

The reformer you choose matters, which is why Peak Pilates has been perfecting the machine while remaining rooted to the original Pilates discipline for nearly 25 years. The company combines elegant style with durability and functionality. With machines for the home and the studio, there is a Peak Pilates reformer for everyone.

About Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates is one of the many brands of fitness equipment manufactured and sold by Mad Dogg Athletics. Founded in 1991, the company first debuted its spinning bike to the world, helping to launch this style of gym workout to the heights of popularity. In addition to the equipment, Mad Dogg offered a certification program for spinning instructors. Since then, the company has become known for providing both high-quality fitness equipment and top-notch training and education.

In 2009, expanding its market, Mad Dogg acquired Peak Pilates, an existing brand. Since that acquisition, Peak Pilates has become a leader in both equipment and instruction for Pilates. Other Mad Dogg brands include CrossCore, Ugi, Resist-a-Ball and SpinFitness. The company now runs thousands of fitness facilities and provides equipment and training for instructors around the world.

What Makes Peak Pilates Reformers Special

The Peak Pilates brand originated in Denver, Colorado, where the founders took inspiration from the Rocky Mountains and the elegant movements of Pilates workouts. They began to create machines, equipment and accessories that both followed the practices of Joseph Pilates and looked sophisticated and stylish.

Unlike other reformers that are made from metals and plastic, the reformers in the Artistry line of Peak Pilates equipment are constructed with natural, beautiful materials, such as beech hardwood and high-quality metals.

The reformers honor the legacy of Joseph Pilates, staying true to his original philosophy of movement and exercise. The Peak Pilates reformers are not overly complicated. They adhere to the integrity of what Pilates set out to accomplish with his inventions.

In addition to reformers, Peak Pilates offers tower systems that can be added to reformers, Cadillacs, barrels, chairs and add-on accessories. 

Peak Pilates Reformer Models

All Peak Pilates reformers are made with the best possible materials. They have been designed to preserve the original intentions of Joseph Pilates while also using modern technology for sustainability, durability and safety. Peak Pilates machines are among the best in the world, which is reflected in the retail prices. There are a few models that offer pricing to work with the home enthusiast and the serious studio owner.

fit Reformer

The now second-lowest-priced model in the Peak Pilates reformer line is also the most popular. It is in high-demand and may be out of stock at times. It currently retails for $2,595.

Peak Pilates fit Reformer

Shop for the Peak Pilates fit reformer at CASA Pilates Equipment.

What makes the fit Reformer so popular is its versatility combined with quality and sleek good looks. It is a model that rivals many of those seen in studios but at a lower price that many home enthusiasts can afford. It has an elevated frame, set to studio height, to make getting on and off easy for anyone. You can also easily stand this reformer on end for storage.

Some of the features of the fit model include a side-split platform with the option to add a jump board, a locking foot bar, a one-hand gear bar with four positions, a non-slip pad, retractable risers, an adjustable headrest, and an alignment graphic that can be used by teachers and students.

Unlike reformers in the same class and at a similar price point offered by other brands, this model has an easy rope adjustment option. It also has a gear bar that is easier and more intuitive to use and a height that matches what you’ll get in more expensive studio models.

MVe Reformer

The MVe, which retails at $3,295, is a great option for in-home use and for small studios. The design allows the machine to be lifted vertically for storage, but it can also be stacked. You don’t have to remove any parts in order to set the machines on top of each other. Many other stackable models lack adjustable features to make them easier to store, but the MVe still has shoulder blocks, risers and gear bars that can be adjusted by each user.

Peak Pilates MVe Reformer

Shop for the Peak Pilates MVe reformer at CASA Pilates Equipment.

This model is made from high-quality, powder-coated aluminum that is both light and sturdy. The five springs and four gears allow for multiple intensity and resistance settings for varied workouts and progression. The headrest and foot bar can be adjusted into several different positions for comfort and safety. Accessories you can add to the MVe model include a jump board and a tower conversion.

This model can either get ordered with a half-trapeze tower and drop-in mat, or they can get added later.

Shop for the Peak Pilates MVe reformer with tower at CASA Pilates Equipment.

The same model is also available as a value-added bundle that also includes the Pilates box and jump board.

Shop for the Peak Pilates MVe reformer with tower bundle at CASA Pilates Equipment.

Artistry Reformer

The top model in the Peak Pilates lineup is the Artistry. The version with ropes retails for $4,745, while the model that includes vegan straps instead of rope goes for $4,845. It is important to choose at time of purchase between either ropes with risers or the classical synthetic leather straps and handles without risers.

Peak Pilates Artistry Reformer

Shop for the Peak Pilates Artistry reformer at CASA Pilates Equipment.

The Artistry reformer is a truly high-quality machine for both heavy studio use and for home practitioners who want the best feel and quality. While all of Peak Pilates’ reformers are based on the original design of Joseph Pilates, this is the most classical version. It most strongly adheres to his principles and measurements for reformers. It is also one of the most attractive reformers with a solid yet simple and elegant beechwood frame.

The Artistry models come with the following features:

  • A five-spring kit, which includes one heavy, two medium and two light springs
  • A five-spring gear bar
  • A long and short box accessory
  • A headrest with three positions and that is removable for cleaning
  • A foot bar with four positions and a locking mechanism for stability and safety
  • Retractable risers to switch to tower mode
  • A spring bar support that reduces noise and makes spring changes smoother and easier
  • A gear block
  • Foot straps with safety links
  • A fixed carriage stop

You can also add additional accessories and packages to the Artistry models. Easily add both a tower attachment and Cadillac package to extend the number of exercises and workout levels that are possible for this machine.

Shop for the Peak Pilates Artistry FWS reformer with tower at CASA Pilates Equipment.

Each of the reformers comes with a lifetime warranty on the structural components, but there are limitations for things like wear and tear or cosmetic damage. The high quality of the machines is guaranteed through authorized Peak Pilates dealers.

Shop for the Peak Pilates Artistry Cadillac-Reformer Combo at CASA Pilates Equipment.

Reformer Accessories

In addition to the towers and Cadillacs that may be purchased to extend the Peak Pilates reformers, there are several other smaller accessories available. These include a quarter barrel, which is used with the short box to make exercises more stable and secure.

A jump board can be added to the end of the reformers for cardio workouts. A side split platform extends the footprint of the machines, adding stability.

Peak Pilates Education

Peak Pilates does more than just offer top-quality reformers at different price points. It also trains instructors in the Pilates methods. You can learn not only how to do Pilates but how to teach others, correct form, design workouts and improve safety.

Students can earn certifications as well, including those for mat and reformer instruction. These certifications prove that instructors know how to use the equipment and are knowledgeable about the Pilates philosophy of conditioning the mind, body and spirit through physical movements.

Both home users and studio owners praise Peak Pilates entire lineup of reformers. These machines are in the spirit of Joseph Pilates’ original design. They are made of high-quality materials and are designed to both operate smoothly and durably and also look elegant and sophisticated in any setting.



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