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10 Best Pilates Reformers for Home Use

Best Pilates Reformer for Home Use


Having a Pilates reformer at home is the perfect way to re-create a studio experience without the hassle of working around strict studio scheduling. With your own equipment at your disposal, you can work out at any time and save the trip to the studio. Many people love the privacy and comfort of a home Pilates studio because it allows for better opportunities for work at one’s own pace and try new exercises. 

There are lots of Pilates reformer makes and models to choose from, with newcomers flooding the market each year. However, for our TOP 10 PILATES REFORMERS FOR HOME USE, we focused on Pilates reformers from the most renowned brands of exceptional quality and proven durability. We have curated the ultimate collection of the best Pilates reformers on the market, meticulously screened to fit the highest standards of craftsmanship, design, and value.

Generally, reformers come in two options today: with either hardwood frames or sturdy steel and aluminum frames. 

Our TOP 10 PILATES REFORMERS FOR HOME USE all feature aesthetically pleasing designs that include rock maple wood or aluminum frames, stainless-steel interior frames and rollers, frame, and nautical cleats, which make them suitable for the trendiest studio.

All of them have the features you would be looking for in a high-quality reformer for your home studio. And they can even complement your interior decorating style and colors.

If you are searching for the perfect Pilates reformer for your home studio, look no further than our TOP 10 PILATES REFORMERS FOR HOME USE.



Elina Pilates Elite Convertible Wood Reformer with Tower 

MSRP $4,690

For the very best all-around reformer, our top pick is the stunningly beautiful Elite model from Elina Pilates. The tower, also referred to as a half-trapeze, adds a whole new dimension to your reformer practice. This reformer converts from a more than generously sized 30-inch-wide reformer to a comfortable half trapeze table with the help of the included drop-in mat. Included are also a jump board and sitting box for an entire Pilates package with endless exercise options. 



MSRP $2,295

Want the perfect home-gym reformer with full features? Look no further than the Peak Pilates Casa reformer. While lightweight and affordable, with 16 inches off the ground, it is a studio height reformer. A jump board is not included, but can get added for more cardio fun.


Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer Bundle

MSRP $3,290 

This is the reformer for you if you are new to Pilates and want a great machine that’s also going to complement your décor. Its aesthetically pleasing design includes a hardwood frame with chrome  and stainless-steel hardware, making it a real showpiece in your home. Even better, it comes standard as a bundle with the cardio jump board and sitting box.


Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer

MSRP from $2,990 entry level pilates reformer

A well-made reformer with a host of accessories. Comes 90% assembled. Easy to set up. Low profile and easy to move out of the way. Comes with the jump board and sitting box. Even better, this model comes in four different height from almost floor level up to physical therapy height for people with mobility issues. 


IM=X® Xercizer

MSRP: $4590


Built to withstand extra-heavy use(rs), the IM=X® Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer in an extra-durable design.  IM=X® has been manufacturing the Xercizer in the USA for over 20 years, using industrial-strength materials that deliver results. 

This is the most essential commercial-grade reformer for studio or home use. It provides for a total body workout that includes core stabilization, muscle toning and strengthening, range of motion stretching and cardiovascular benefits.  


STOTT Pilates by Merrithew V2 Max Reformer

MSRP from $6,690

The V2 Max Plus Reformer from Merrithew is a favorite among health and fitness professionals. This reformer is designed for athletes, rehab patients, the active aging, and the dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Merrithew offers a several of upgrade options, including a bundle options, that make this apparatus even more customizable for your individual needs.

The standard-height reformer brings the carriage a comfortable 16 inches off the floor. We like that it is very versatile and allows for easier transition between exercises for efficient group and one-on-one training sessions

This large and heavy reformer is ideal for Pilates studios, clubs, fitness facilities and homes with a dedicated Pilates space.



MSRP $4,595

“The Gratz” is as classical as it can get. This is the reformer for the purist who wants to original Pilates experience on a reformer that looks exactly or a least very close to the ones Joe Pilates designed.
Keep in mind that a classical reformer has four identical springs instead of five with varying strength. The utilitarian design of this reformer Also the available length of 80”, 86” & 89” might be too short for the tallest practitioners.


BASI SYSTEMS Convertible Cadillac-Reformer Combo

MSRP: $7,790


A Pilates Cadillac by itself is a showstopper. And with the convertible Cadillac Reformer from BASI Systems, you get two Pilates apparatus in one – a full-scale reformer that converts into a full trapeze table or “Cadillac.” Use it as a Reformer with the innovative BASI Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) for fine-tuning control of the pulley angle and the expanded gear system for precision in spring resistance settings.

With the largest carriage cushion and the longest track in the industry, the BASI Systems' Combo apparatus offers unprecedented comfort and range of motion. Extension legs offer the height option to best suit your space and training style.



MSRP $7,299

For those who seek an exercise “apparatus” that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability, the Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus reformer delivers everything you need.

It’s easy to see why this is an ultimate wish list item for many people. Adds a tower system to the reformer setup. Positioned higher off the ground for easier access by those with mobility challenges. This reformer is designed for many years of  continuous use in a studio or practice environment.



STOTT Pilates reformers are customizable with an impressive kaleidoscope of upholstery colors. In addition to 10 “standard colors,” you can also select from at least 75 custom color to match, say your car or your wall color. Standard colors are:

Dark Cherry
Imperial Blue
Royal Blue
Yew Green
Concord Purple
Gunmetal Gray
Chestnut Brown

Need higher precision? Double your number of gear bar positions with the High-Precision Gear Bar upgrade.

Very tall people will appreciate the Reformer Extension Upgrade that’s available for the V2 Max™. This upgrade option extends the carriage and overall length of your V2 Max™ Reformer by 6 in (15 cm) to accommodate taller people or those with longer torsos.




MSRP $13,690

If you are ready to take your Pilates practice to the next level and only the best is good enough, then this One-On-One Pilates Studio Bundle from Merrithew  makes outfitting your home-studio a no brainer. You will get the V2 Max Plus Reformer with Half-Trapeze Tower, Reformer Box, Mat Converter, Platform Extender, Split-Pedal Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac Trapeze Table, Arc Barrel, Maple Pole, and 3 DVDs with Pilates exercises.

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Quality Service

The gentlemen who installed my reformer where just that 'gentle'. They took extreme care with the equipment as well as the walls in my home.

Everything was functional when they left and they removed all of the packing materials from the house. Great job!

Elina Elite Reformer with Tower

It took a long time to come because of the pandemic but it was worth the wait. I love it and I'm enjoying regular workouts.

Every feature works perfectly on this high quality product.

Love ,love, love my reformer!

It took a long time to get here, but truly worth the wait. This piece of equipment is everything I hoped for and more. It is beautifully engineered and as good, if not better , than the Balanced Body I have used in the professional Pilates studio I attended prior to Covid . Regretfully it closed. But on a positive note I now can enjoy the same workout at home and on my own time. My husband is also becoming a fan. I rate it five stars- well worth the investment.

Wonderful piece of equipment

I've used a Pilates chair for three years in class and love the versatility of the device. There's a big bang for the buck for such a small piece of equipment. It's perfect for sitting in my guest room where I beckons me visibly whenever I walk down the hallway. I am impressed by the quality of manufacture of this device. I know it's studio quality and I know it will last at least as long as I do. One reason I ordered this specific brand, BTW, is because I can adjust the spring tension very easily from the front of the machine. I also want to say that I was surprised by how fast the chair arrived and the quality of its packing materials. The chair had not the slightest dent or scratch, all items were in the box and my husband was easily able to extract the chair. No set up required, another refreshing plus.

Peak Pilates reformer

So happy with this equipment